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Six Feet of Separation - Dancing from a Distance Choreography
Six Feet of Separation flyer

The Paramus High School Dance Department is proud to share that Six Feet of Separation was featured this year at the NJ School Board Administration Association Convention in October. You can view an encore performance on Thursday, November 19 on their Facebook page for the community to view.

We are honored to be featured as an exemplary piece of choreography created during the pandemic and virtual learning environment.

Paramus Dance is continuing to thrive in our virtual and hybrid learning environments, fostering social and emotional learning, as well as creating meaningful choreography that continues to comfort, connect, and unite us all.

Inspired by Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham, and other dance companies who created pieces of choreography in their new norm, we too are showing how we can be dancing alone together. During our dancing from a distance learning, PHS dancers were challenged to use only a six-foot area in addition to individual sections of the music to create a piece of choreography conveying the message, “We are going to be okay." This message continues to hold true today. Now, more than ever, it is the power of the arts that continues to connect us, comfort us, and unite us all. While we may be apart, our hearts are together every time we dance.

School Safety

We at Paramus care! We have carefully built a foundation to represent a school safety/school climate team. This team consists of anti-bullying specialists, teachers, psychologists, and many others that care for the well-being of your children. For more information, please see our safety/school climate team breakdown in its entirety.