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Physical Education, Health, and Wellness

At Paramus High School, we recognize that health and physical fitness are an integral part of our students’ education. Our physical education and health program goals are to promote emotional, physical, sociological, and environmental health and to create students who are active participants in fitness activities.

Physical Education Grades 9-12

The goal is to develop a level of skill that will enable students to successfully participate in physical activities. We emphasize rules of the games and sportsmanship as well as personal and class safety. We use skills tests, written tests, and assignments to measure learning. A major objective of the physical education program is active participation by students. Our students are participants, not spectators.

Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to choose the physical education activities they would like to participate in for each marking period. The number of activities offered each marking period depends upon class size and teacher availability. Each course provides the students with a basic workable knowledge and understanding of the specific activities they choose.

Health Education Grades 9, 11, and 12

The course of study includes emotional and physical health, sociological health, and environmental health. Topics presented to students give them opportunities to enhance their own lifestyle. Classes discuss nutrition, stress management, weight control, pregnancy, inter-family relationships, and intra-family relationships.

Driver Education Grade 10

Driver education prepares students for the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Agency Test, which school staff administers. Classes discuss theories, rules, and concepts of automobile driving. Students learn about the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Acts as well as driver safety issues.  

Graduation Requirements

The New Jersey Department of Education requires all students to participate in and pass a physical education and health class for each year of high school enrollment.

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