Paramus High School
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Two female students stand in front of lockers

Our School

Paramus High School is the product of hard work built upon a foundation of tradition and excellence. We take honor in educating and preparing the minds of the next generation to become our leaders, learners, and problem solvers.  

Mission Statement

The mission of Paramus Public Schools is to develop all students as open-minded, lifelong learners who pursue their dreams and add value to the world.

Core Values

  • We believe that all individuals have intrinsic value and are defined by their character.
  • We believe that respect for diversity enriches community.
  • We believe that all individuals can contribute to strengthening the community.
  • We believe that a community thrives when it protects, nurtures, and educates all its members.
  • We believe that a family, in all its forms, is a critical element in shaping an individual.